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6-IN-1 Treatment Shampoo      (See Curernt Sale under Promotion)

6-IN-1 Treatment Shampoo (See Curernt Sale under Promotion)

Product Code: H-3IN1
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Stop hair loss, control dandruff and promote hair growth with this uniquely formulated organic shampoo (400 ml).
Its main ingredients: Ginseng, GLossy Ganoderma, Polygonum Multiflorum, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Chuanxiong, Cacumen Platycladi provides hair the following 3 main benefits:
STRONG - This product makes hair clean and strong by removing the dirt of hair and dredge hair, repressing sebaceous secretion being overheated and preveting the secretion accumulating in the hair follicles.
THICK - This product could promote scalp derma and follicular microcirculation, improve the follicular nutrition states, meanwhile, by guaranteed follicular nutrition transportation system being unimpeded, and enhancing the follicular nutrition absorptivity, hairs could be growing thick easily
DENSE - This product could activate the hair follicle which still not being shrunk completely, supply the nutrition to the right places, recovering the hair follicular growing function, having more healthy hair follicle, and then more healthy hair.

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